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If you are a dad and you want Flea to totally make you cry, watch The Other F Word.

Fantastic lettering logo from Tyrsa

Fantastic lettering logo from Tyrsa


Canaro by Rene Bieder.

The typeface is introduced by itself, but here is how he describe it:

Conceived as an exploration of geometrical typedesigns of the early 20th century, Canaro developed into a font of that period with a modern streak. The lack of spurs provide a unique but unobtrusive appearance and support the contemporary character. In addition, the open shapes in combination with a tall x-height, create legibility in small text sizes. Typographic features like alternative lettershapes, ligatures, oldstyle numbers, arrows, fractions, special characters and many more, round up the whole family. Canaro is available in nine weights plus matching italics. Ranging from sharp and elegant thinner cuts to sporty and athletic heavy weights.

You can buy this premium beatiful typeface with a 80% off (limited time) here:


Beauty Typography

 Today we got some nice typography artworks for your body. These nice designed shampoos and cremes are not only protecting, covering and rejuvenate your skin but also have a great expression of typography on it. No matter if you like it ornamental or handwritten, every style of typography good fit the product. We think mostly for younger products more handwritten and selfmade fonts are used and for the more serious and fine skin more ornamental lines and forms are fitting better. But a sans serif could be the compromise between those two. At the end also the flavor has to fit and that’s where the taste gets subjective.


8 Faces Issue #7 is now available

Our penultimate issue! Adorned with a beautiful, laser-cut cover that reveals portions of the artwork on the page beneath, our seventh and penultimate issue features interviews with design and typography legends Michael Bierut, Tomas Brousil, Georg Salden, Hannes Von Döhren, Phil Baines, Ken Barber, and Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko of Emigre.

8 Faces #7 also includes essays from Christopher Murphy and Typekit’s Bram Stein, and a foreword written by Adrian Shaughnessy.

All physical editions will ship from 6th November and include a free PDF.

Snap up this limited edition collectors item here


Beer Press Collection   |   Support on Kickstarter

Beer Press is a modern product and art piece for your home, office, basement, and bar. The collection was designed by highly talented and seasoned graphic artists. Made in the USA, each printed piece is delicately handcrafted by a vintage 1960’s letterpress for the most beautiful and decorative coasters on the market. 

Designed for visibility - the 6 pub/bar coasters are well displayed by a premium bamboo stand. The eco-friendly stand is deeply engraved with the Beer Press logo. The complete Beer Press Collection includes 8 x 8 inch fine art prints for incredible wall art.

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The penultimate issue of 8 Faces will be available this Friday

That’s right, type lovers: There are only two more issues to go and the  seventh and penultimate issue of our highly collectable magazine will be available to order from this Friday at 4pm BST.

This issue features interviews with design and typography legends:

Michael BierutTomas BrousilGeorg SaldenHannes Von DöhrenPhil BainesKen Barber, and Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko of Emigre.

We’ve also got essays from Christopher Murphy and Typekit’s Bram Stein, and a foreword written by Adrian Shaughnessy.

The cover will feature laser-cut artwork to form a double-cover peep show affair. I’ll be revealing more over the next couple of days so stay tuned.


Shadow Type: Classic Three-Dimensional Lettering by Steven Heller

Designers often look to the past for ways to enliven their projects. Letters with relief and shadow have long been an effective way to add spectacle or intrigue to otherwise mundane words. Introduced in metal type as early as 1815, shadow typefaces were a form of early experimentation among type founders. In the late nineteenth century, the form was adopted in wood type for use in posters and has been embraced ever since by designers looking for ways to communicate a sense of monumentality, a feeling of confidence, or a simple impression of optimism. Shadow Type presents a broad spectrum of examples—advertising, shop signs, billboards, posters, type-specimen books—featuring the most popular, rare, and (nearly) forgotten dimensional letters from Europe and the United States. Compiled by the leading historian of graphic design Steven Heller and renowned graphic designer Louise Fili, this invaluable collection, packed full of typographic ideas, will inspire anyone aiming to give more depth to their design.

See more details and buy it here: 

Will be mine soon :P


Cool chalk typographer

 Dana Tanamachi is a really cool typographer in great demand. Specialized in handlettering, typogrpahy for lifestyle, food and fashion brands, she really gives her work the certain love. Mostly working with chalk which medium is her hobbyhorse, she shows us her work with Time Magazine, Oprah Winfrey and a lot of very nice references. Being asked how she fells inthe her studio she said:”It’s nice to hide out in my studio, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I enjoy listening to music while I work, but sometimes, silence is just golden.” We love her work and hope to see more in the future.

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Calligraphy Book Mock-up by Aleksandr Samochernyi

This nice mock-ups aren’t just photographs with nice logos on it, this are files that you can edit and put your work on it. If you want to present your design layout in a beautiful and aesthetic form, this mock-up will be very helpful to you.

Download the full editable files here: